AUDIA’s various products and ingredients have been tested and approved by board-certified dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and skincare professionals and educators. We work with a variety of independent labs, who conduct trials on real clients with different skin types, tones, and conditions. We, therefore, assure our clients of superior products that are result-driven, stable, and safe to use.

Our products have been proven to increase firmness, ease redness, and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They can also control blemishes and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. But please keep in mind, each client may achieve different results.


Amal Aloudi is a very inspiring and strong woman, who talks very passionately about her company and the way she creates her clinical skincare line. She is driven to share her story and the message behind creating AUDIA SKINCARE more than AUDIA itself!

Amal always had a keen interest in beauty and skin care from a very young age. As a teenager, she dreamt of having her own skin care line as she suffered from hyper pigmentation for many years.

Arriving to the USA from her home country Yemen, Amal was determined to create an opportunity for herself. Not one to sit back, she learnt English and pursued a career in Esthetics. She did this whilst also being a dedicated mom and wife. Her determination and perseverance led to her becoming a licensed Esthetician and a successful College Educator with years of experience.

Amal’s journey is one of empowerment. Of a woman overcoming hurdles and struggles in pursuit of dreams. Her skincare line carries the message for women to not allow any obstacles to set them back but rather to view overcoming challenges as opportunities for growth.

Amal is an advocate for women empowerment and is here to show that any woman has the potential to achieve her dreams.



Our mission at AUDIA SKINCARE is to create innovative skincare products from nature’s amazing gifts. We take great pride in our superior technologically advanced procedures and natural, effective skincare ingredients.

We know that many people suffer from skin conditions they can’t eliminate because of the use of ineffective skin care ingredients and lack of knowledge on correct skin. This is often because there is so much confusing information and marketing hype.

To us, each client is an individual, and to help you understand your skin better and how to take care of it, our experienced estheticians will provide you with an accurate and simple skincare routine made with complete care and precision.

Our products go through rigorous testing and meet the highest standards and exceed the FDA regulations in the US.

We promise to deliver the best skin care products with tested and proven formulas, highly active ingredients, and the best nature has to offer. We want to help you recognize the benefits of a quality skin care regimen that is simple but result focused.


AUDIA SKINCARE stands for purity, innovation, and quality care. It is our number one goal to support our clients with the best result- driven, tailored skincare products. You can be assured that we will continually strive to bring you the very best in skin care.



To remain at the forefront in the world of skin care, we seek out and implement only the best ingredients in our products.


You, our valuable client is our utmost priority. We want to help you in keeping your skin beautiful and healthy. For a nominal fee, our on line expert consultants are available to educate and direct you on your way to the best skin you can have.


We use bio-effective ingredients such as peptides, phytonutrients, botanicals, and powerful antioxidants to deliver the best result-oriented skincare.

We do not test on animals, our products are cruelty-free.


At AUDIA we use the most eco-friendly skincare packaging. The airless bottles help keep air and contaminants out of the products to boost the formula’s stability and effectiveness.


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